Visio Divina

Visio Divina is the practice of “Holy seeing”.  For some of us, we are aided in our prayer life not only when we read or hear the Scriptures, but when we gaze upon images that depict the Scriptures and the people that inhabit the Biblical story, or when we reflect upon God’s creation.  If you have churches or retreat centers near you with images of Scripture, consider taking a field trip one day and sitting with some of these images in your prayer time with Jesus.  Especially if you are of a sensate spiritual temperament, you may find such prayerful reflection to be very fruitful.  (If you don’t know what the sensate spiritual temperament is, read here.)

In the meantime, you can find some photos of icons, stained glassed representations of the Biblical accounts, other images of faith, and God’s beautiful Creation that I have taken over the years that may aid you in your prayer time with God.  Sit with one of them and ask yourself: “What does this image reveal about God?  Humanity?  Myself in relationship to God?”  Then take these reflections into a prayerful conversation with God.

Also in the future, look for a growing collection of these photos.  Additionally, look for an explanation of icons, a very particular kind of Christian image that believers have been gazing upon for the past two millennia.

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God’s Creation

(To reflect more on the Creation and God the Creator, check out the following collection of photos.)

Stained Glass



Mosaics and Other Images of Jesus