Part of my spiritual temperament is that I am a sensate and naturalist, which means that beautiful objects like stain glassed windows, icons, crosses, etc. as well as God’s Creation usher me into God’s presence.  (If you want to know more about spiritual temperaments, be sure to read here.

Because this is true, in recent years, I have found myself taking a lot more pictures of Creation, as well as other subjects. In fact, the vast majority of photos on this Website are ones that I have taken.  Taking these photos has been a way for me to be attentive to and enjoy the intricacies, beauty, and unique aspects of each part of God’s Creation, as well as a way for me to marvel at this wonderful Creator.

From time to time, I will share some of these photos with you. Feel free to use these as part of your prayerful meditations.

Sit with one of the images and ask yourself:  “What does this reveal about the character of God?  What truths might this reveal about me?” Then take this reflection into a time of praise and prayer with your Creator God.

It is is my sincere prayer that some of these images will usher you into a place of Visio Divina (“Holy Seeing”), aiding you in your prayer and praise of God, our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

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Under the Sea

Crosses, Candles, Communion, Stained Glass and More! 

(To see more stained glass, icons, etc, check out Visio Divina.)

Also look for more of my photos on instagram at  You can sort them by categories I created such as #flowerskly.  (If you are an Anne of Green Gables fan, you might recognize this name:  upon arriving in Avonlee, Anne drives through a beautiful area called “The Avenue”.  She says, “Oh no, this is the White Way of Delight”.  Anne rightly recognized that the name “The Avenue” obscured the beauty of this place and thus she renamed it to reflect its true nature.  When choosing a name for my instagram account, I chose this name because I like the idea of being truly attentive to people and things, especially those that might otherwise be overlooked.  Seeing the beauty in people, places, and things often, however, involves slowing down, pausing, and taking time to be truly present.)