Finding Community

Welcome to My Family!

I am so glad you found my Website!  If you are here, I assume you are a Seeker or a Sojourner on the Way.  I am so glad that you are journeying with me.  Since you are here, I wanted to take the time to invite you to journey with my family of faith!

I realize that if you are here, you are not necessarily a Christian and even if you are a Christian, I realize that you may not be an Anglican Christian (like I am), and that is totally fine.  This Website is for people of all denominations and at all stages of faith.  That being said, I do know that following in the Way of Jesus does at some point involve taking a step into Christian community, for God did not intend for us to journey on this path alone.

So if you are without a Christian community at this time and are looking for one, consider exploring my family of faith.  You can can find a list of Anglican churches here.

If you are unfamiliar with the Anglican Way, you can click here for a brief description of what you can expect in an Anglican worship service, click here for an article on how the liturgy of the Anglican Church (and other liturgical denominations) can be an aid to your spiritual formation, and click here if you want to know more about the Eucharist, the central part of our worship service.  Also, a good introduction to the Anglican tradition is The Anglican Way by Thomas McKenzie.

Should God call you elsewhere, that is great too.  Many blessings to you!  I hope you may find a wonderful, loving Christian community near your home.

May God bless you with rich community, however He may lead you!

Photo:  Eucharist Church, San Francisco

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