My Beliefs, Values, and Ministries

My Values – Rhythms, Relationships, and Renewal

A couple years ago, I had the great priviledge of planting a church in the Bay Area with some wonderful people.  We had a good season, although unexpectedly and unfortunately in our second year, my core people moved out of the area, to you know places like refugee camps in Thailand!  After that happened, I discerned that it was just not the time to continue with this plant.  Hopefully in another season!  The great things though is that even though this plant did not continue, it helped me to think a lot about the things I value the most and to reflect even more deeply on the spiritual journey.  A lot of what I will write here on this Website will be coming from this experience. To read more about my values, click here.  Above, find a short video I did describing the values I had for this community and also ones I hold out for all sojourners on the Way to consider.

My Beliefs and Theological Influences

In case you are wondering what my theological leanings are, I would consider myself an Evangelical Anglican.  I, however, have been influenced by other traditions throughout my lifetime.  My mom was raised in the Presbyterian tradition and my father was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition.   I also have Lutherans in my family line.  My first seminary, where I developed a great love for John Wesley was Methodist, and the second seminary where I attended was Evangelical non-denominational.  Over the years, I have read widely, including works by Eastern Orthodox theologians and works by and about Mother Teresa, St. Frances, and St. Ignatius of Loyola.  I have been greatly blessed by the  “great cloud of witnesses” over the years as I have pursued a deepening relationship with Jesus.

(Just a quick caveat here:  from time to time, I do provide links out to people and institutions of other Traditions.  This does not mean that I always agree 100% with their theological convictions, but I do believe they have many good things to say which are edifying to our faith.)

For more on my beliefs, which can best be summed up in the words of the ancient Nicene Creed, read this.

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